5 critical elements for your home page

Rachel Wing
April 16, 2022
Your website home page is your introduction to your audience. It is your first impression, so make it count! Here are some key components to a great home page.
1. Headline
Provide a simple, clear overview of what you have to offer. Include the type of services or products you provide, and your location. Be concise!
2. Logo
Your logo should be at the top of each page of your website - typically top left or centered. This visual cue helps tie the pages of your website together and creates brand awareness. If somebody catches a quick glimpse of your website, the logo tells them immediately whose website it is.
3. Benefits & Social Proof
Chances are, there are competitors in your space. Describe the benefits a client would receive if they work with you or buy your products. Build trust with your audience by showing them "social proof" in the form of testimonials, awards, or other accolades.
4. High quality images
Show your products in action with high-quality images. This is a great way to incorporate branding and invoke emotion. Many people quickly scroll through websites to get a "feel" for a company. Make a great impression with professional photos or even custom graphics.
5. Call to action (CTA)
A major goal of your homepage is to encourage visitors to explore the rest of your website, and eventually become customers. Include CTAs throughout your homepage, especially above the fold to begin the buying cycle, initiate contact, or simply lead visitors to additional pages.